I’m Arjun Ashok.

I am a Passionate designer who's pursuing my Masters in Interaction Design and Electronic Arts at the University of Sydney. With a design centric mindset, I intend to imagine experiences to help businesses deliver the best for their end-users and the customers.

About Me


About Me

A Little Bit about Myself

My Designing journey started at the University of Sydney, from one of the leading universities in for design education and have been cherishing the experience ever since. I have had the privilege to work alongside some of the greatest minds and get tutored from the best tutors in the design industry.

I’ve been working alongside to solve social issues that impact the human life every day. Every project that I’ve worked on so far has been challenging and helped me push myself beyond the boundaries. As I step into my next journey, I look forward to many more challenges that help humans across the world.

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Design Statergy


Visual Design


Interaction Design


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Skills and Competencies

UX research

Deciphering the unmet needs of the user.

UI Design

Visualizing data in a way that resonates with the user.

Design Thinking

Leveraging standard frameworks to design user ideas.


Building Lo-fi and Hi-fi prototypes that resemble the actual design.

AR/VR app development

Envisioning future pathways for reality experience building.

Design futuring

Navigating to the future through design.

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